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    BULLSEYE Milwaukee has been one of the few truly innovative schools sytems. They’ve had a fairly large voucher program for 12 years. Not surprisingly, the teachers’ union is not happy. They’ve targeted for election defeat one of the most vocal proponents of vouchers, school board member John Gardner. The union is prepared to spend more than $2M to defeat Mr. Gardner and seize control of the board. There’s also this issue which might influence the union.

    Mr. Gardner and four other Milwaukee school board members up for re-election next month comprise a pro-reform group, with a one-vote majority. They support school choice and want changes in a lucrative fringe benefits contract for 6,400 public school teachers. The contract has a current unfunded liability of $136 million a year.

    If they can “invest” $2M and get a return of $136M per year, I’d say they have plenty of motivation to pull out all the stops in targeting Mr. Gardner. I wish him luck. (Thanks to Skip Oliva for the story.)

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