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    Another in the never ending series of “Life in Fayetteville, NC.”

    Military service a privilege, not a right

    Betsy Lowe, thanks for your recent service to our country. By serving, you’ve done what most civilians are only armchair quarterbacks to, deferring to “supporting the troops” instead.

    Thank you for your comments (“Is controversy a case of guilty consciences?,” Feb 20). With them, you have proven that the best policy is the existing “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” As long as everyone stays in their lane and doesn’t infringe on the rights of others, and focuses on the war-making mission, the mission will be enhanced instead of degraded.

    Close-knit units, as in the special operations world, are most efficient at war-making types of missions, which is why most of them have certain specialties that still are not and won’t ever be open to females because of the “no fail” mission statements. The ability to fight, survive and fight again far outweighs any single person’s personal desires to pursue their dreams in the military.

    Serving in the military is not a right, it is a privilege. Hence, the military’s policy of weeding out undesirables who would detract from that mission instead of enhancing it.

    This is going to offend some I am sure, but why is it that, as a society, we have accepted that homosexuality isn’t a conscious decision but an attraction to the same sex, but we don’t apply that same reasoning towards pedophiles? Aren’t they born that way as well? C’mon, time to step up and accept responsibility for your own adult decision-making.

    Rick K. Hopfauf

    Homosexuality = pedophilia? WTF? I really shouldn’t have to explain this. Presumably Rick Hopfauf is over the age of 5 and has learned to read something beyond Dick and Jane books. But, apparently, the thinking part of Rick Hopfauf’s brain atrophied a long, long time ago. So, here you go Rick Hopfauf…

    The reason we accept homosexuality and we don’t pedophilia is that homosexual acts between consenting adults are BETWEEN CONSENTING ADULTS! Children cannot consent and acting on an attraction to pre-pubescent children is wrong, both morally and legally.

    *sigh* My neighbors really are a constant source of agita.

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    March 5th, 2010
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    I’m sorry you live in a place with so many assh*les. I feel for you.