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    A GOOD IDEA Maybe I have safety on the brain right now, but this product sounds like an excellent investment.

    In the event of a home emergency, natural disaster, storm, power loss, fire or home intrusion children are taught to grab Herbie Hydrant from their bedside table to help find their way to safety. Once lifted from the battery-charging base, Herbie Hydrant’s flashlight shines, an alarm bellows and strobe lights flash. The flashlight can help children find their way to safety and the alarm and strobes can aid rescuers in locating a child who may be trapped. Additionally, a digital timer starts once the unit has been lifted from the base. This timer can be used to practice home escape routes and provides critical timing information for emergency professionals. There is even a storage compartment where pertinent personal/medical about the child can be kept for quick reference by rescuers.

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