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    I’m sure y’all will be shocked(!) to learn that vaccines are still not causally related to autism.

    The “special vaccine court” ruled Friday that parents who alleged their children’s autism was caused by a mercury-containing preservative in childhood vaccines did not prove their cases and are not entitled to compensation.

    The reviews of the three test cases by special masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims exceeded 600 pages and found all of the claims wanting.

    “Petitioners’ theory of vaccine-related causation is scientifically unsupportable,” wrote Special Master Patricia Campbell-Smith in her conclusion about William P. Mead, whose parents, George and Victoria Mead, had brought one of the suits.

    “In the absence of a sound medical theory causally connecting William’s received vaccines to his autistic condition, the undersigned cannot find the proposed sequence of cause and effect to be logical or temporally appropriate. Having failed to satisfy their burden of proof under the articulated legal standard, petitioners cannot prevail on their claim of vaccine-related causation.”

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    March 15th, 2010
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    The flat earthers are not convinced. all we can hope is that science will hamper their evangelizing.