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    DIY EDUCATION The Jacksonville Times-Union editorializes today in favor of increased school choice options. They push homeschooling as one of the options but warn that educrats may try to crack down on it.

    It would not be surprising if the education establishment tried to ban homeschooling or otherwise prevent parents from having that choice. The tactic would be to complain about “accountability,” which union bosses fight when it is proposed for public schools, but insist upon when parents exercise choice.

    Meanwhile, there are 4 million children in public schools that are not meeting state standards, according to the Fordham Foundation.

    The education monopoly is cracking, if not crumbling. Efforts to improve the public schools are making headway, but children who are slipping behind cannot wait and hope the efforts will succeed. Parents should have the option to bail out and ensure their child is educated — even if it has to be a do-it-yourself project.

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