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    DISRUPTIVE HAIR An 8th grade boy was excluded from his class photo because he has long hair, bleached blonde with black streaks. School officials said his hair was disruptive. Except, his hair has been that way all year; he get’s A’s and B’s; and, the only time they’ve said anything to him was the day of the photo. Once again, this is the school deciding appearances are more important than what a kid is.

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    waffling on, but there's a point in it sumwhere.
    January 27th, 2004
    at 5:51 am

    that is ridiculous!

    I was actually searching for black hair streaking products when I stumbled across this site, but that is unaccceptable all the same. why should sum1 be discriminated against and excluded from a school function becuase of their hair colours. The only thing that is being “disruptive” is the behaviour of the school authorities in not allowing a student to participate, despite the fact that he was a good student and earned good grades consistently. And aside from this they should have at least given the guy a warnging as opposed to telling him, on the day, that he could not be included.