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    Where hundreds of bigots rally in support of a bigoted high school teacher. You think I’m kidding?

    Hundreds of supporters rallied in front of Parkersburg South High School on Friday, calling for a suspended teacher to return to the classroom.

    About 200 students and adults lined up along Blizzard Drive, holding signs supporting David Foggin, a science teacher who was suspended Tuesday for remarks he made online about a student group.

    In a post last week, Foggin appeared to make fun of the Gay-Straight Alliance club, comparing the group to deer poaching and illegal street racing and saying it opened the door to similar groups, such as drunk-sober students…

    Sandra Walker, a vocal proponent of Foggin, organized and attended Friday’s rally.

    “Mr. Foggin should be allowed to go on his private Facebook page and have the freedom of speech that men fought and died for,” Walker said. “God gave us the right to take a stand on our beliefs. Christ died to give us the right to free speech.”

    Walker said Foggin’s post and subsequent suspension have brought up issues of free speech, religion and whether a club like the Gay-Straight Alliance should be in schools. Walker dismissed rumors of GSA students being targeted for harassment and bullying by Foggin supporters.

    “South has had bullying for years. The club members are not the only ones who have been singled out for bullying. When they set up the club they singled themselves out for bullying,” she said…

    At least one student said she has been the target of bullying, shouted slurs and intimidation, by Foggin’s supporters because she is gay and because she is a member of the GSA.

    This is just plain sickening! Obviously, none of my kids attend Parkersburg South High School. But if they did, I hope they would have stood shoulder to shoulder with the counter protesters and brought their friends, gay or straight, along with them.

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    March 22nd, 2014
    at 9:50 am

    ”Christ died to give us the right to free speech”

    George Washington and friends might take issue with that statement.

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    Daryl Peter Cobranchi
    March 22nd, 2014
    at 11:05 am

    COD’s comment makes the Baby Jesus cry. 🙂

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    Daryl Peter Cobranchi
    March 22nd, 2014
    at 11:06 am

    BTW, I wrote a LttE today about this same subject. If it publishes, I’ll post a copy here. My guess is it’ll get me kicked out of all of the nicest places in town.

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