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    VERY SMART AND VERY DUMB An 11-year-old came in second place in the Washington State High School Science Fair. The kid is a prodigy.

    At 2, he was assembling Legos into giant robots as tall as he was. At 6, he was mastering multiplication and reading Daniel Defoe. At 9, he was taking high-school French.

    The schools didn’t know what to do with him so they locked him up.

    In the fourth grade, Issaquah School District teachers didn’t know how to keep Andrew from being bored, and decided to put him in a separate room with advanced math and science books for a few days.

    Wisely, the parents chose homeschooling, instead.

    “We just provided a lot of materials, lots of books,” said David Hsu, 43, a software engineer who makes educational videos. “We took him to the science center, the aquarium, so he could be stimulated from different angles.

    He expects to enroll in college at the age of twelve.

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