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    LEDE OF THE MONTH I love the start of this article, entitled “Educrats Forbid Kids to Be Kids.”

    A demented new program designed to stop children from acting like children is spreading like a disease through schools across the nation.

    The idiot idea is intended to make schools into something called “Ridicule-Free Zones,” where no kid is ever exposed to such childish behavior as singling out those who wear glasses and calling them “four eyes,” as kids have been doing to each other for as long as anybody can remember, with no demonstrable harm being done to their tender sensibilities.

    The psychobabblers are out in full force on this “bullying” issue.

    “It is not normal to have a child that doesn’t want to join in activities,” says teacher Laura] Harper. “If the antisocial behavior doesn’t stop, we need to get that child to a counselor. They can become suicidal.”

    I was never a joiner in school. I’d just as soon sit under a tree with a book as run around on the playground. And look how I turned out. OK, bad example. 🙂 Seriously, when and from where did we get the notion that all kids are the same and need to be treated as such. They’re people, for goodness sake. INDIVIDUALS! Another good reason to homeschool.

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