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    A TALE OF TWO SCHOOLS Interesting contrast here:

    Ross Fu, a senior at Torrey Pines High School in Carmel Valley, illustrates how elusive Harvard can be, even for top students.

    Ross earned perfect scores on the SAT and SAT II. He received the highest marks on all nine advanced placement tests he took. He has a 4.68 GPA, is president of his school’s writing club and is a talented pianist who recently interned at a molecular biology laboratory.

    Harvard rejected Ross.

    [T]here was a Houston Independent School District Yates High School student who had graduated with a 3.9 grade-point average, but who had scored only 990 on his SAT. He had been accepted to the University of Texas under the 10 percent rule and was awarded $58,000 in scholarships.

    When interviewed, the student admitted he hadn’t learned to study in high school, all he really had to do was “show up.”

    Perhaps Ross Fu should have applied to UT.

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