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    PRE-SCHOOL FOR ALL That’s the name of an organization in Houston pushing just that- “free” pre-school for all 3 and 4-year olds. Here’s their ideal solution:

    [W]e can make a commitment to all of our community’s children that quality preschool education is an important first step in their educational path and work to maximize existing funding streams, streamline the existing preschool systems into one overall integrated system and, as needed, identify necessary additional funding over time to make a quality preschool education a reality for all of Houston’s children. [emphases added]

    I like that spin. Not “raise taxes” but “identify additional funding.” And, it certainly sounds like they would want compulsory pre-school. It’s coming. I’m still betting that within 5 years, some state is going to attempt to lower the compulsory ed age down to 4 or maybe even 3 years.

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