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    SAVE THE WHALES! Several pilot whales have beached themselves in FL. Volunteers are working to save the few surviving whales. The reporter seemed to get a kick out of the fact that one of the volunteers is homeschooled.

    Almost a dozen people sleep here every night, in trailers or tents, so they can remain close to the whales.

    There is no TV, no running water, and the dinner menu is whatever has been donated by local businesses.

    Few seemed to mind.

    ”This is the best Easter present I’ve had in my life, to be here with these whales,” said volunteer Sara Childers of Hollywood, who arrived Friday and has since been putting up tents, answering phones and sterilizing equipment.

    Sara is 11 years old.

    Her mother, Pam Childers, a full-time volunteer with the Marine Mammal Conservancy, is also here.

    In the coming days, Childers will continue home-schooling her daughter, as she normally does — only not at home.

    I thought all those kids were home, chained to their kitchen tables.

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