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    GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT A FloridaToday editorial goes off on a House proposal to expand their voucher plan. This is fallout from the Constitutional amendment passed last fall that limits class sizes. The House has reasoned that one way to reduct them is to send the kids to private schools. This sounds reasonable to me but not to the newspaper.

    [T]he House want to use more tax money to:

    Give parents $3,500 a year to send their kindergartners to private schools.

    Provide $4,800 to home-school families, with the payment including money for new computers and high-speed broadband access.

    Drop already inadequate high school graduation requirements to 120 hours from 135 and let students graduate in three years instead of four.

    First, what’s inherently wrong with vouchers? And, second, the proposal is to provide $4800 per year to a cyber-charter operator. The parents wouldn’t see a nickel (though they would get the computers and broadband.

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