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    VICTORY IN CALIFORNIA Here’s the text of a letter that CA homeschoolers received from the Homeschool Association of California:

    Dear Homeschool Family,

    I have wonderful news to report. This evening I was sent an email by the California Department of Education Deputy General Counsel Michael Hersher that the CDE is no longer telling anyone that “homeschooling is not legal in California.” It has taken various documents off its website and is taking the position that filing an affidavit does not
    represent any certification by CDE about the filer. Its position is that only local school districts have authority to decide that a child who attends a private school is truant. Mr. Hersher stated that the CDE is not trying to influence local discretion in truancy matters in either direction.

    I checked the website to confirm that the references to home schooling had been removed. Since most, if not all, of the truancy problems suffered by homeschoolers in the past several years have been a direct result of the CDE’s position regarding the legality of home based private schools, this is a major victory.

    This result shows how important it is for homeschoolers and homeschooling organizations to work together for our common good: The ability of each of us to choose the best educational option for our children.

    Congratulations to each of you and all of us.

    Linda J. Conrad, Esq.
    Legal Chair
    HomeSchool Association of California (HSC)

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