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    A CYNICAL VICTORY Jeb Bush wins by losing. The other day I criticized FL Governor Jeb Bush for caving in to a boycott threat. Bush proposed legislation that would allow seniors who failed the FCAT to substitute SAT or ACT results in order to graduate. The bill has died in the Senate as the session has ended. This whole situation just doesn’t pass the smell test with me and comes off as a cynical ploy by Bush.

    Senate President Jim King said Tuesday that the bill needed to go through a committee for study and that Bush shouldn’t expect to put a bill in on a Friday and be approved four days later.

    “At this late date, it doesn’t make any sense,” said King, who noted that the bill could come up during a second special session starting in June to address medical malpractice. “The Senate does not lend itself to immediacy.”

    I’m sure that Jeb Bush is shocked that a Republican-controlled Senate won’t take up a bill supported by the Republican governor. Sure.

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