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    OREGON EDU-CRATS are up in arms about the Homeschool Freedom bill which is going to be passed this year. The bill would end mandatory testing for homeschoolers. This, of course, is a bad thing:

    Rep. Elaine Hopson, D-Tillamook, a former public school district superintendent, said she supports a home schooling option but opposes dropping the test requirement.

    “Education is both a right and a responsibility,” she said. “There are some parents who don’t accept that responsibility.”

    Rep. Jeff Barker, D-Aloha, said children’s welfare is more important than the possible inconvenience of having to give a child a test every three years.

    State School Superintendent Susan Castillo also opposes the bill.

    If mandatory testing is eliminated, she said in a letter to legislators, “there will be nothing to prevent an irresponsible or incompetent parent from simply keeping a child out of school and providing no education at all.”

    And I suppose the best way to protect kids from “irresponsible or incompetent” parents is to put them in the care of the loving and caring teachers.

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