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    Beth Henary has an alarmist post on EdNews about how the University of Texas has screwed up its admissions process with the Top Ten Percent (TTP) rule, whereby any TTP student in the state is guaranteed admission.

    The percentage of students UT had no choice but to admit has naturally gone up since the 10 percent law was enacted, including this year when automatic admits soared to 69 percent of the freshman class overall…

    [B]ecause no cap was set on the number of students a school had to accept, UT over the last few years has been forced to accommodate its largest freshman classes ever. And the university can only begin looking at criteria such as test scores that compare students across high schools when a student is from out-of-state or has a class rank in the 89th percentile or lower.

    Ms. Henary wants to scrap the whole system and, presumably, return to the affirmative action program that TTP replaced. I think there’s probably an easier, though less PC, solution. If TTP causes the freshman class to be too large, just change the program to Top Nine Percent or Top Eight Percent or … There’s nothing special about 10% (other than politician’s penchant for alliteration).

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