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    A school in HI only admits students who are descendants of native Hawaiians. A Caucasian student has sued based on a claim of racial discrimination. In light of the recent SCOTUS decision about diversity being the new national education goal, this might be an interesting test case. One problem, though- the school appears to be completely private, funded by a trust set up by the old royal family. If so, I don’t think he’s got a chance.


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    June 29th, 2003
    at 6:07 pm

    I do not understand what business the government has, telling a private school that it may not pick and choose the students it wants. I really don’t understand it. It may not be very nice, but why is it the government’s business?

    It would be one thing if the government didn’t provide a free public education to all kids regardless of race, but it does. All children will have a crack at some kind of education. So where’s the justification?