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    Eastside Charter School in Wilmington has registered the highest test scores in the state. All 16 3rd graders in the Edison-run school passed both the math and reading DSTP. According to the N-J, only one other school has managed this feat since 2000. The school serves a predominantly poor neighborhood.

    Small classes and a small school overall are the keys to Eastside’s success, according to its staff and others familiar with the school.

    “When it’s a small school like this, you become a family,” said Eric Ford, a fifth-grade teacher. “It’s almost like a small church. You can’t hide like you can in a big cathedral.” …At Eastside, youngsters stay in school 11 months of the year, another of the critical factors in its success, many believe. Their last day of school is today. In the fall, Eastside will have a sixth grade for the first time but doesn’t have plans to expand beyond that or beyond its classroom size of 16.

    Interestingly, two other charter schools in the same neighborhood (one an Edison school) recorded some of the lowest scores in the state.

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