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    A homeschooling mom in York, PA couldn’t find resources for homeschooling early elementary-age kids so she formed a co-op.

    She joined the York Homeschool Association last year, but found that although there were many resources for older homeschooled children, there wasn’t much available for younger students, particularly those just beginning school.

    Many parents would like to homeschool, Klinedinst said, but are unsure of how to begin. In addition, she said, some parents may feel intimidated by the public education system.

    She’s a newbie, too. I hope all goes well for them but I think she may be in for a shock.

    By next spring, Klinedinst hopes to have a core group of families who will teach and learn together as the children grow, providing members with a permanent, built-in support network.

    It’s a rare co-op that meets the needs of all member families for more than a couple of years.

    And, just for fun, the paper throws in this little tid-bit about PA’s awful homeschooling laws:

    Pennsylvania and South Carolina are the only two states that recognize high school diplomas issued by state-regulated home-school organizations. Pennsylvania has seven such organizations, which by issuing a home-school diploma, recognize that the student has met or exceeded the criteria for earning a public high school diploma. In 2001, it awarded 646 diplomas to home-schoolers.

    Alternatives to this option include parent-issued diplomas, or diplomas from national correspondence schools. However, they are not always recognized by colleges or universities, often forcing home-schoolers in other states to obtain a GED or attend a public school for their senior year to receive graduation privileges.

    Let me re-phrase that. PA and SC are the only two states that have been snookered into thinking that some outside self-accredited organization is capable of evaluating how well we are homeschooling. The state-approved diplomas carry absolutely zero weight except for in-state g-colleges. Almost all colleges and universities now accept homeschoolers without diplomas or GEDs.

    And, what the heck are “graduation privileges?” The prom and graduation ceremony? Gimme a break!


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    August 6th, 2003
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    “Graduation privledges” for us meant graduation night was the one night that the base MP’s would look the other way and not bust up the graduation party because none of us were of legal drinking age 🙂