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    3moms.com is at it again. A while back they had a link to H&OES on their scammy “Curriculum in a Box” page. Now, they’re trying to sell newbie homeschoolers across the country a bunch of crap they don’t need. Here’s a link to their “Delaware Homeschool Compliance Kit & Delaware Record Keeping Notebook.” Don’t worry if you don’t know DE homeschooling laws. The pages for every state package are identical (with only the names changed to protect the innocent). Just change the URL to reflect your state. Here’s what you get for $50.

    1. Homeschool Registration
    This section covers information about registering your child for homeschool with Delaware Homeschool. You will find the Delaware Homeschool requirements and laws that deal with this subject, things you need to do, and some important documents to have ready if you are ever audited or questioned. Don’t worry, we’ve got it all organized for you.

    Available on the DHEA website.

    2. Homeschool Testing/Evaluation Requirements
    You will find the Delaware Homeschool laws in your state dealing with testing for homeschooled children. You will also find out other information on testing and options available to you.

    We have no testing requirements here.

    3. Portfolio Requirements
    This section deals with what requirements there are in terms of keeping a formal portfolio in Delaware Homeschool. There are some options you should consider, and some guidelines to help.


    4. Record Keeping /Attendance Requirements
    This section deals with keeping track of how many days you spend homeschooling. The Delaware Homeschool laws aren’t always clear, so you may want to keep a basic record anyway. We’ll explain why, and we’ve organized exactly what you should do.

    We don’t keep attendance other than to tell the DOE we homeschooled for 180 days. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

    5. Immunization and Health
    Delaware Homeschool has laws dealing with health care and immunization. There are times that you may have to show some records. We’ll show you the issues involved, and we’ve got all the appropriate forms or exemption forms you need organized for you.

    No requirements.

    6. Contacts & Reference Information
    Here you will find Delaware Homeschool government contacts, Delaware Homeschool state-wide groups as well as Delaware Homeschool local support groups and associations. These people can also provide help and assistance as you need it. All the contact information is organized for you. Here you will also find other reference material you may want to use.

    All freely available on the DHEA website.

    This kind of nonsense ticks me off. Supposedly, the company was founded by three homeschoolers. Why would anyone in the community seek to take advantage of newbies this way? BAH!

    UPDATE: From the HEM-Networking listserv:

    Hi, I just spoke to “Bonnie” at 1-805-637-xxxx who said that even though the site says they will send you registration” materials and state-required testing materials, since the state does not require registration or testing the materials you get will tell you that. Ach! The conversation went on, but little progress was made. She sees no problems with telling people you are going to send them something and then, when they get it, having a note telling them they will not get the first thing because they really don’t need it. She says there is a money back guarantee. -sigh- If you have time, call her. Maybe she’ll do something if a whole bunch of homeschoolers call her.”

    Definitely a scam.

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    August 5th, 2003
    at 6:21 pm

    “Why would anyone in the community seek to take advantage of newbies this way.”

    To make MONEY, Daryl. They think they see a niche and they’re sliding right into it. It’s the American way. : )

    Comment by
    Daryl Cobranchi
    August 5th, 2003
    at 6:34 pm

    I have no problem with capitalism but this is just a good old-fashioned rip-off (am I dating myself with that term?).

    Comment by
    Traci E
    August 5th, 2003
    at 10:49 pm

    Thanks Daryl for posting the alert. Copy your post & bring it to DHEA. If they’ve poached info from the site there may be a case for asking them to stop.

    I’m bringing it to the attention of our support group. This summer I’ve seen a big rise in numbers looking at homeschooling DE.

    Our small group is really growing & the new homeschool law isn’t even widely posted yet & the ink has just bearly dried.

    I feel a little like Paul Revere–The NEWBIES ARE COMING , THE NEWBIES ARE COMING….

    What a difference accurate homeschool info makes in starting off on the right foot –from deciding which registration choice for your homeschool or saving a fortune on not buying unusable curriculum.

    I feel as a homeschooler, I should “PAY IT FORWARD” as repayment for all the wonderful Mom’s that helped me through being a newbie.

    To Rip them off for money, burns me.
    even more than educrats undermining our Freedom.

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    August 6th, 2003
    at 8:38 am

    It’s their approach that bugs me – not the fact that they are trying to make a buck. There is some value in packaging up freely available information and making it easy to find or access. Google has made a multi-million dollar business out of it 🙂 However, 3moms is:

    1. overcharging.
    2. charging the wrong people.

    Make the homeschool kits freely downloadable, and sell advertising both in the kit and on the page. They will make 5X the money and not piss off the homeschool community in the process.

    Maybe I should give it a shot…

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    August 7th, 2003
    at 9:19 am

    I’m glad to see this post. We’ve been homeschooling for years, but yesterday I was online scoping out another state’s homeschooling laws in case of a move. My search brought up 3Mom’s site first so I checked it out. I was so upset thinking that we were moving to a state that required all types of testing and qualifications. I figured we’d have to go underground to live in that state. But fortunately, I checked some other sites and discovered that the state is very homeschooler friendly and the 3Mom site was misleading. I would have given up if I had been a newbie.
    Glad to see you put out the warning. Bridgette

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    August 7th, 2003
    at 4:43 pm

    Daryl, thank God for you! I have to tell you how much better the homeschoolin’ web is for having you around!

    Comment by
    Bonnie Han
    September 29th, 2003
    at 2:10 pm

    Hi and thank you for your concerns and input.

    First, we want to alert everyone. The URL that is being passed around is NOT the primary public URL. It was only supposed to be seen by human reviewers at pay-per-click search engines. You can’t even access them by normal search engines. In order to register the search terms “New York Homeschool”, the human reviewers insist on seeing the words “New York” pasted all over the place.

    Those pages for each state are not designed for regular Internet users to see. Someone came across one of the URLs, and figured out the syntax for each state. They then passed those URLs around. Now, the only way to see those pages is in those newsgroups, forums and places where they are being shown. They are incorrect URLs and were not meant to be seen by the general public. But since they are passed around now, they are public. So please, don’t pass that URL around any longer, and instead direct people to the plain URL of 3Moms.com

    That being said, we do want you to know a little bit about who we are, and why we do this.

    We started out last year at 3Moms.com with the Curriculum Fair In-A-Box. It was designed to help parents get over the first mental hump, which is based on the same two questions we heard a thousand times in homeschool orientation meetings:
    1. HOW do I homeschool?
    2. CAN I do it?
    It was designed to let parents actually do a little homeschooling so they can see that it’s not as monumental as they first thought. It was wildly successful, not financially unfortunately, but in terms of helping parents. We literally received hundreds of thank you emails from parents who at first didn’t believe they could do it, but after getting their box and actually tried homeschooling, decided to homeschool because NOW they KNEW they could do it.

    Then most of those parents asked us what they needed to do to homeschool in their state. Literally the question they asked was “How do I register for homeschool in my state?”

    So we would look up local homeschool associations and send them there, and to HSLDA and any other resources we could find. But they still called back asking what to do. Again, as experienced homeschoolers we know that homeschooling in our states is not that big of a deal, but we forget that as first-time homeschoolers, just as we were when we were first-time parents – it’s scary! It was a mental hump for them. If they could just get past it, they could realize how doable it really is.

    At this point we knew we had to make something to help them past the second hump. We will be the first to admit that doing a State Compliance Packet is a huge, huge undertaking. So many states, so few of us to do it. But we tried. And, we are still trying. Keeping up with the changing laws is daunting. But we try.

    Clearly, the most confusing parts of our website are references to “registering” as a homeschooler in each state, and references to requirements that the state doesn’t mandate. The reason we chose this language was because parents who come from a public school background think in terms of “registering” for school. When they actually get the kit, we explain that homeschooling is not the same as public schooling. If a state requires a “Letter of Intent” or something similar, we try to help them in that process.

    We never, ever tell parents to register if not required. Again, the language was used, because that is the language parents who call us use, and are familiar with. After the 100th phone call from a scared parent asking how they “can register for homeschool” we began to understand that the word “register” was how they think, and what they are familiar with.

    In fact, believe it or not, we’ve found that the scariest states for new parents are the states that require almost nothing. At least they know that if they need to send in a letter of intent, and they get their postal service registered receipt that shows they sent the letter in, they have proof that they did what was required of them.

    We all fear the dreaded “knock at the door.” It does still happen. Some upset neighbor reports your kid isn’t in school, and some do-gooder social services worker shows up at the door. Sometimes with the police. You know you are in the right, but you also know there might be a fight. It feels good to know that if you are going to be in a fight, you are prepared. If HSLDA flies in to defend you, you’ve got lots of ammunition and proof to fight with. That’s the entire idea behind this kit. To help provide some comfort that you have everything together, organized, in one place. We like to think of it as insurance.

    You may not agree with the philosophy of being professional and organized with records (even if your state doesn’t require them), but that’s our honest belief, and a big part of what this is all about.

    From the very bottom of all of our hearts, we never intended for anything to make it harder or more confusing for parents. Only to relieve their fears, and show parents that they CAN do it. Then help them get organized.

    You as experienced homeschooler understand that the word “registration” really doesn’t apply here. We have taken your concerns to heart, and understand that the way the website is presented may cause confusion.

    Additionally, throughout all the kits, in all the states, we tell parents time, and time again, and repeat it over and over, in numerous places to NEVER EVER, EVER give more information than is required by law. This is so, even if the state requests more information. The reason, we explain to parents, is that if they do provide more than is required by law, they are setting precedence, and will make it harder for homeschoolers who follow.

    So the bottom line of this message is to relieve your fears of:

    1. We never ever have parents “register” when they don’t need to.
    2. We will take your advice, and immediately begin changing the website so the language is less confusing.

    I ask one thing in return as a favor. This letter is a heart felt message from all of us at 3Moms.com. Please pass it on, in it’s entirety to all those that were concerned or upset, and we welcome any likewise heart felt advice.


    Bonnie H. Hahn

    Comment by
    Donna C.
    June 28th, 2004
    at 3:35 am

    Dear Friends,

    My two cents…

    Here are Downloadable Exemption letters, forms, statements and affividavits to legally abstain from the forced medical experimentation known as “vaccination”.

    Vaccination Liberation’s exemption page is here. Most of the forms are there.

    These following letters, statements, affiidavits, etc… are not yet on our exemption page. Please share this widely.

    Vac Lib religious exemption statement for Kentucky. May have turn in to health dept. to get the official Certificate of Religious Exemption, depending on the school.


    Religious Exemption Letter. In some districts, you may be required to turn this in to the health dept to get the Official Tennesse Certificate of Religious Exemption. It’s a green form.

    South Carolina
    Religious exemption letter to Health Dept. Obtain the official South Carolina Certificate of Religious Exemption form

    Religious Exemption Letter to health dept to obtain the official Alabama Certificate of Relgious Exemption form.



    Oregon (School Children Religious exemption)

    Oregon (Adult Religious Exemption for employment)


    Georgia Adult (Employment)

    District of Columbia (DC)http://forums.cloud-busters.com/files.cfm?fuseaction=files&profileusersname=messiahmews&briefcasefileidlink=5224



    South Dakota
    Vaccination Exemption Statement for South Dakota

    There are several to choose from…
    PA Hepatitis B vaccine exemption letter.

    PA Religious Exemption Letter for all vaccines.

    Statement Of Religious Objection To Immunization in Pennsylvania.doc (with scriptures).

    New Hampshire
    New Hampshire Certificate of Religious Exemption. It can also be used for school children. Also download the letter to turn in along with it. The bureaucrats may try to refuse the exemption form, but the letter says it’s used for other than child care program.

    Letter of explanation to go with the NH Certificate of Religious Exemption. The exemption form says child care, but this letter from the NH Dept of Health says it’s for school too. Use this letter along with the NH Religious Exemption.

    New Hampshire certificate-religious-exemption-phys-exam. Religious Exemption from Physical Exams.

    Donna Carrillo, co-director
    Vaccination Liberation