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    An update on Wilfredo Laboy’s travails. The superintendent is passing up the chance to take the test in September in order to provide additional study time. He still has one more chance to take the test before the end of the year. If he doesn’t pass that one it appears likely he will lose his job. I think this is just plain dumb. Why not take the September test? If he doesn’t pass, he could still take it in November. I don’t think I’d want to wager a $150k/year job on a single roll of the dice.

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    Nick Blesch
    August 6th, 2003
    at 2:34 pm

    I don’t think anyone who would gamble a $150k/year job on one roll of the dice is very intelligent, but then, I don’t think anyone who repeatedly fails a simple test (and punishes others for it while awarding oneself a raise!) is very intelligent, either.