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    A wise art-studio owner has started a class for homeschoolers.

    “Anybody who’s gone through school probably took math and English and science, but art and music, a lot of people have no training. You can read about it, but unless you’ve actually had some training in the arts, it’s kind of difficult to teach.”

    …”We’re hoping to do some field trips to expose the kids to art,” [Steve] Sherman said. “We want to give them more than they’d get from just reading about it or watching PBS. We want them to actually experience it. We’re also trying to hook up with the N.C. Museum of Fine Art outreach program for visual aids and other materials.”

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    August 9th, 2003
    at 10:37 pm

    The proprieter of a local art studio cold called my wife last week aftre seeing her listed as a leader of a homeschool group. He wants to do art classes for homechoolers during the week when he is otherwise not very busy once school starts next week. Great idea…more businesses should take advantage of the fact taht homeschoolers are available from 8-4 during the week.