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    WND columnist Kyle Williams’ most recent column is on government intrusion into homeschooling. He gets pretty worked up about the FL K-12 virtual school. I’m not as concerned about that particluar program as homeschoolers are ineligible. The rest of the column, though, is first rate (except the plural of “curriculum” is “curricula”. Don’t they have “editora” at WND?)

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    August 9th, 2003
    at 10:37 am

    All right, Daryl, tell the truth: do you say and write, “The data is…” or “The data are…”?

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    Daryl Cobranchi
    August 9th, 2003
    at 3:24 pm

    Data are- always. I’m a Ph.D. chemist. My research director would have drummed me out of grad school if I used “data is.” 🙂