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    A student in Michigan has sued the state because it cut her state tuition grant to zero when she declared theology as her major:

    “Students enrolled in a course of study leading to a degree in theology, divinity or religious education are not eligible to receive an award,” it said, paraphrasing a state law. “Your award has changed from $2,750.00 to $0.00.”

    Several states have similar laws; one is being challenged in the SCOTUS.

    In a brief to the Supreme Court, Mr. Davey’s lawyers said that having scholarship decisions turn on what major a student declares is a little odd.

    A student “could take numerous theology courses, paid for by state grants, so long as his major was something else (like psychology or math),” the lawyers wrote. But a student who declares a theology major would get no state money for an entire year “even if the student takes nothing but language, literature, philosophy and science,” they said.

    The ACLU is supporting ths state. This one is pretty bizarre. Of course, the easy solution will escape everyone involved- just get the state completely out of funding college educations. No scholarships? No discrimination.

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