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    I’ve always wanted to take an old abandoned building and fix it up/convert into into living space. These homeschoolers have taken it a step further; they’ve turned an old schoolhouse it a “schoolhome”.

    Whether it’s a school day or a vacation day, the Nickerson family begins the day with family devotions and a family meeting before Steve commutes to PayPal in Omaha where he manages that company’s e-mail system.

    Then, the older children go to their desks in the lower level to work through the day’s assignments. At each desk is a computer terminal where individual class assignments and the family schedule for the day are displayed.

    Sherrie remains upstairs in the schoolhouse/home with the younger children, monitoring progress from the lower level by e-mail. Steve also monitors their progress.

    As a bonus, the mom has a couple of good lines about large families:

    “When we pull into the parking lot, we can see people counting the children,” observes Sherrie, “but most of our friends have six to nine children. Having a big family and home schooling the children is not unusual in this part of the state.”

    When asked if there were any more children planned, both Steve and Sherrie think eight might not be enough.

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