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    This poll appeared Steph’s blog (aka 1/16) (via Tammy). She requests a trackback or a note if you answer it online.

    1. Why are you homeschooling? How much does it have to do with an inability to get kids ready and off to school in the mornings?

    We started for probably three main reasons. 1) Our oldest son was not doing well in private school. They had him in a “remedial” reading program for a full school year with zero progress (we learned later that he’d never really been taught phonics). He was getting frustrated and starting to dislike education. 2) Homework! At least two hours per night three nights per week. 3) We were looking at $20,000+/year tuition (after tax dollars) for our four kids. The rushed mornings weren’t a whole lot of fun, either.

    2. How long do you plan to homeschool?

    The plan is through high school

    3. What about college? Are you worried they will have trouble getting in?

    It’s a minor concern at this point. We’ll probably try to get them into CC classes around 16-17.

    4. If your kids went to school at any point, is your relationship with them different now that you are homeschooling?

    Much more relaxed, especially the evenings (no homework hassles).

    5. What would your ideal school look like, and would you send your kids if it existed?

    Ain’t no such animal. Not now, not ever.

    6. What convinced you to homeschool (pushed you over the edge)?

    Our #1 son was being held in at recess (his favorite part of the school day) in order to complete his work.

    7. How did you overcome your initial fears?

    I’ll let you know when we get there. 🙂

    8. Do you tend to choose curricula with a particular worldview, or do you tend to use what seems to be the best curriculum and adapt any worldview issues?

    Definitely the latter.

    9. Do you belong to a support group? How active are you in it?

    Yes. The kids do a lot of the social activities. The “support” part is minimal.

    10. Do you work better to a schedule, or do you let your days fall as they may? Or do you draw up a schedule for humor value?

    The kids have daily and weekly assignments. When is up to them. Of course, the extracurriculars are scheduled.

    11. Do you start school before 10 am?

    Usually by 8:30 a.m.

    12. Do you get out of bed before 10 am?

    See above.

    13. What time do your kids get dressed?

    No breakfast until they’re dressed (I’m a hardass).

    14. What is your favorite response to the line: “Oh, I could never homeschool my kids.”

    I’ve never heard it although Lydia has. How ’bout this: “Yeah, I couldn’t homeschool your kids, either!”

    15. What’s the response you actually use?

    I might use my answer to 14.

    16. How many bookshelves are in your house?

    Eight plus four more full of games.

    17. How much coffee do you drink?

    Lydia has one double cappuccino each a.m. I’m two double espressos plus lots of cafe’ americano throughout the day.

    18. Share a moment with your kids that let you know you were undoubtedly doing the right thing by homeschooling.

    Last week our #3 child was begging to start the school year already.

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    Joanne aka Happy Homeschooler
    August 13th, 2003
    at 8:34 pm

    Great answers! It’s interesting to get to know my “fellow” bloggers using the polls. 🙂

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    August 13th, 2003
    at 9:09 pm

    If I homeschooled, that first question would offend the heck out of me. How could a person homeschool her kids effectively if it’s too much trouble just to get them up, dressed, fed, and combed – it sounds like the questioner suspects “homeschooling” is a codeword for the kids lounging around in their pajamas and watching Nickelodeon all day.

    Comment by
    August 13th, 2003
    at 9:14 pm

    Oh, I get it – it’s one homeschooler asking another. Never mind.

    My daughter has always loved school and had good relationships with most of her teachers, fortunately. I expected this because I was a bit of a teacher’s pet myself. She got into a little minor trouble once in 4th grade and received two hours’ in-school suspension (not a big deal, the principal told me) and it worried her immensely: “What if I get suspended from every school in the world, forever?” I said, “Then I’ll homeschool you.” So I guess it was an option. : )

    Comment by
    August 25th, 2003
    at 1:19 pm

    Hey! Daryl, I just happened back to your blog this morning! 🙂

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    One Sixteenth
    August 14th, 2003
    at 5:44 pm

    My answers to the poll

    First, let me explain question #1 (Why do you homeschool? How much does it have to do with an inability