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    Homeschooling for Night Owls

    I’m starting a new virtual support group. It is for nightowls and others who tend to spend most of their awake hours when others are asleep, a habit we got into when my husband had odd shift hours. Homeschooling after Midnight is designed as a virtual support group for nightowls. It will give an environment that is supportive toyour homeschooling, but give you an interactive group that are on when you are. It offers a freedom to post when you are up and thinking about topics, without wondering what people will think of you when they see a timestamp of 3:45am.

    When my youngest reached ‘school age’, our friends would kiddingly ask if we did her school work at midnight and sheepishly I said yes. It was the time of day when she was most creative and attuned to learning, so it fit our family. If this sounds like you, come join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/H-a-M

    Susan O’Neal
    Homeschooling after Midnight

    please pass this message on to any homeschooling lists you are on that might have interested members.

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