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    Yet another one, although this is the most negative I’ve seen. Lots of snarky comments from educrats:

    “There’s no accountability or follow-up,” said Dean Ryerson, superintendent of the Wisconsin Rapids district. Although most parents are “doing a fine job educating their own children,” occasionally home schooling raises concerns among district officials about parents evading issues of truancy and child behavior problems, he said.

    That was a good one. He just leaves that “most” hanging out there, implying all sorts of things about the rest of us. And that “accountability” issue is really getting on my nerves. Teachers and their unions have fought against accountability for decades now. And they take tax money! That’s what they’re accountable for- the money! Do homeschoolers take tax dollars? No! So, just get off it. A new mathematical formula: NOT($)=NOT(A) (No tax dollars equals no accountability). The whole article is worth a read if you’re plagued with low blood pressure.

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    August 17th, 2003
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    But a nice quote from a public school teacher at the end. Ms. Geller sez that she used to wonder how well non-teachers did at homeschooling, and has found that they do a phenomenal job.