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    Here’s a positive article about a couple of homeschoolers in CA. The young man sounds a tad defensive:

    James Potter, a 17-year-old home-school graduate from Three Rivers, takes issue with some of the clichés. For one thing, don’t call him introverted.

    “That definitely offends me,” Potter said. “I fit in fine with everybody else, especially adults.”

    If Potter does have trouble communicating with a traditionally educated student, he says, it’s because “they don’t know how to talk.”

    Potter also resents the implication that he can’t be good at sports.

    “Not true, either,” he said. “I’ll challenge 90 percent of public-schoolers to anything — and beat them.”

    Potter will acknowledge that some home-schoolers are anti-social. But so what?

    “I run into some anti-social kids in [traditional] high school too,” he said.

    And, check out the photo accompanying the article.

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