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    This transcript is so bad (how bad is it?), that I’ve got to pick it apart.

    Little Rock – Not all students headed off to school Monday. Beginning this fall, there’s a new option for education. This one allows students to stay at home but have the benefit of public education. The curriculum, known as K12, has been selected for the Arkansas virtual school. This school has only been in existence in Arkansas since January. The fall enrollment is nearly 500 students, grades kindergarten through eight. Channel 7’s Michelle Rupp met with the head of the school tonight.

    It’s home schooling in that it involves parents teaching at home. But that’s where the similarities end.

    True. The only similarity is that the kids don’t go to a g-school building. So far, so good.

    80 to 90 percent of the instruction is done without the benefit of the computer.

    Is this supposed to contrast with real homeschooling? Like our kids are chained to their computers.

    The arkansas [sic]virtual school outfits parents with all of the textbooks, computers, and other materials they need to teach their children. The curriculum is a standards based, comprehensive, rigorous program. Requiring the students to take the state’s benchmark exams and standford [sic] 9’s.

    And I guess we’re neither rigorous nor comprehensive in our approach. One thing is true- we’re not forced to take the “state’s benchmark exams and standford 9’s.”

    What makes the Arkansas virtual school so unique is the lessons are designed for the students, working at their pace. They must master 80 percent of the material or they do not move on.

    Yes- those darn homeschoolers are so structured– forcing their kids to move on even though they haven’t mastered the material.

    Supporters of the program say it’s the best option available.

    “I’ll put our children up against anybody period. Watch us, let us see what we can do, this is truly the worlds best curriculum.”

    Any other g-schooler, perhaps. Real homeschoolers? Not!

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