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    The Prince George’s County (MD) schools chief fired 9 principals because their schools were in such bad shape academically. The principal’s union cried “Foul!”

    “You don’t treat people this way,” said Doris Reed, executive director of the union representing principals. “These people . . . were left in their schools all summer. They were used to hire teachers, to set the schedule, to get these schools open and now they’re being told to go elsewhere.”

    I think he did the right thing, waiting until the latest test scores were released. The canned pricipals were for the most part presiding over schools that were on the “reconstitution” list, so it’s not like they weren’t warned

    Hornsby said he reviewed test scores and other data, as well as the state’s watch list released this week, before making his decision. “It wasn’t primarily made because people are bad people,” Hornsby said. “It was made because I believe that those schools need a different sense of direction and leadership.”

    Of course, no one is really going to lose his/her job. They’re all going to be demoted to vice principals at other schools.

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