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    In an article about cell phones in g-schools, this jumped out at me:

    Porsha Collins recently showed up at school with her $185 status symbol hanging from her pants pocket for all the world to see.

    The cherry-red Nokia is her second cell phone — Collins says she got her first in fifth grade [when she was 10] because her mother wanted to keep closer tabs on her at the mall.

    What parent in their right-mind would allow a 10-year-old to wander the mall attended? Oh. Never mind.

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    August 20th, 2003
    at 4:37 pm

    Except for the wandering-the-mall part, this actually looks good to me. I wish our school board would follow suit.

    1 – It would be good if people learned early that they need to turn their cell phones off under certain circumstances: at school, at church, in the theater, etc. When beeping watches first came out, that was supposed to be the end of civilization as we knew it, but somehow we all adjusted.

    2 – My daughter’s school does not allow students to reenter the building for any reason after school lets out – using the phone is one. Nor will the office take messages like “I have to work late so catch a ride with so-and-so”. You’re supposed to work out transportation before the school day, and I suppose in a perfect world, you always could.

    3 – Not only can they not have cell phones at school, they cannot leave them in their cars, which means they cannot have them while they drive. Which means that when my child gets her actual driver’s license and wants to drive to and from school, we will have a decision to make. As in, don’t let her drive, or break the rules and hide the dang phone. Last year in September, at 3:00 PM on a weekday, there were unexpected flash floods. People were swept off the roads, at least one car totally submerged, but they called for help on their cell phones and were rescued. I guess a city school student on the way home would have been supposed to just drown.

    They don’t take responsibility for kids’ safety before and after school, but they do try to prevent them from having this basic piece of safety equipment. Just one more brick in the wall, I guess.