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    For the third year in a row, we’re starting the new “school year” on Labor Day. Lydia accomodates me this way so that I can be there. Like last year, this first day is a bit light with some silly things mixed in with school stuff.

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    Comment by
    Joanne aka Happy HSer
    September 1st, 2003
    at 9:22 am

    Oh, have a great school day! I’d love to hear (more often) about what style and curriculum you use. 🙂

    Comment by
    Daryl Cobranchi
    September 1st, 2003
    at 11:33 am

    Since you asked…

    We’re more of the school-at-home than any other “type” but our curriculum is defintely eclectic. The kids have definite “assignments” in various subjects. Some, such as Bible, art, and music are done en masse. Others, such as math and English, are performed individually due to the age/level spreads. A good portion of their work is done at the dining room table but that is mostly by their choice. If they chose, they could work outside. As you can see from the list below, the budget for homeschool materials is pretty much unlimited. I figure it’s still much cheaper than private school.

    As far as curriculum goes, here’s my understanding of what Lydia plans to use this year:

    Math- “Math-U-See”

    History- “The Mystery of History” and “The History of the World” (and 5000 other books, says Lydia)

    English- “English from the Roots Up” (for the older two), “Fundamentals” (a phonics program for Chelsea), and “Teach Your Children to Read Well.” Also, “Spelling Power” and the “Write Source” series. Finally, “Complete Writing Lessons” by Marjorie Frank. (Whew!)

    Science- Various chemistry books (I’m teaching this one to Anthony and another boy), other subjects as the mood strikes us.

    Home Ec- Christian Light Education “Home Economics I”. This is an Amish program that is really aimed at girls but has some very good stuff on cooking and taking care of a home. Also, “Life Skills for Kids”.

    Economics- Cost Benefit Jr.

    Music- “Music Ace” (CD-ROM) and “Color the Classics”.

    Penmanship- “Peterson’s Directed Handwriting”

    Keyboarding- “Roller Typing” This is a pretty cool CD-ROM which ties the typing to a skateboarding game. Jonathan (our 4-year-old) wants to do this one, too (Tony Hawk is his hero).

    Art- “Art Adventures at Home” This is a nice program that allows you to teach multiple ages at the same time. We’re using both Level I and Level II together.

    Bible- no set curriculum but definitely an everyday activity.