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    A federal judge has again thrown out the obesity lawsuit against McDonald’s. Let’s hope this is the end of this nonsense.

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    Comment by
    Skip Oliva
    September 4th, 2003
    at 7:01 pm

    Sorry Daryl, but the obesity lawsuits won’t go away anytime soon. The terrorist cell of trial lawyers who’ve decided to target the food industry have nothing to lose and everything to gain by continuing. Remember, trial lawyers are like government schoolteachers–they play with other people’s money and are accountable to noone.

    Comment by
    Daryl Cobranchi
    September 5th, 2003
    at 6:59 am

    Yeah- I guess the potential payday is so large that they’re willing to roll the dice over and over hoping lightning will strike. Tort reform is looking better all the time.