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    I’m still slowly working the excess poundage off (as of this morning I’ve lost 36 pounds). I’ve been doing the Atkins diet, though not religiously. What I’ve found is that if I cheat at supper time (usually with pasta or pizza- my favorites), I’m starving (and continue to cheat) for the rest of the night and into the next morning. It turns into a vicious cycle. But, if I stick with a low carb supper, I don’t feel the need to eat again for at least 24 hours. Some scientists think that they can explain this phenomenon.

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    September 5th, 2003
    at 1:07 pm

    Kudos, to you Daryl
    I’ve found with my weight loss program that If I have a carb breakfast that by Dinner I’m starved & eat twice as much as I would have. If I have an egg or something to start the day, I’m happy if I have a salad for dinner if I remember dinner.

    I did find one trick though if I eat a carb breakfast like pancakes but add a plentiful side of bacon or eggs. ( lighter on the pancakes) I don’t seem to get the cravings as bad at dinnertime.

    Maybe if you had some spagetti & with a nice side of meatballs it might help curb some of the munchies later at night.

    Then once in awhile you have to say OH Well & just indulge knowing that this too shall pass.

    I’ve been able to drop 4 dress sizes in a year without really feeling like I’m dieting or missing something in fact I have more energy than I did before & I need it!!!

    Keep up the great job Daryl.

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    September 5th, 2003
    at 3:28 pm

    Maybe it varies a bit person to person. If I have pizza, pasta, or a baked potato for breakfast, I am generally not hungry until around 7 p.m. at night. Typical breakfast foods, including cereal, bacon, and eggs, have me hungry within two hours. I think you just have to find what works for you and work with it, and be sure to exercise. : )

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    Joanne aka Happy HSer
    September 5th, 2003
    at 7:13 pm

    Oh, diet styles! I have opinions on that, too. 🙂

    I gained weight on a healthy, whole grain, fruit, veggies and lean meat Weight Watchers diet. Not to mention, I was tired and angry all the time.

    My body does well with a low carb plan. I think Atkins, done by the current books (which is not all bacon, eggs and cheese!) is a healthy diet for a body that needs it.

    Here is an “article” that sums up how I feel about the diet wars:


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    September 6th, 2003
    at 11:02 am

    We’ve experimented with different breakfasts for my teenager. She’s very skinny and she’s prone to be sick by lunchtime if her breakfast isn’t just right. (It’s like she’s a compact car with the fuel requirements of an SUV.) What works right now is a smoothie that I make with a glop of frozen orange juice, a scoop of vanilla-flavored soy protein powder, one Egg Beater (I’d use a real egg but Egg Beaters are pasteurized and therefore safer uncooked) and enough water to make a drink. So that’s some sugar from the orange juice to get her started, and enough protein to carry her through the morning. And then the teacher she has right before lunch knows the kids are starving, so she lets them have a quick snack. We pack pretzels or peanut butter crackers for that.