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    The NYT completely misses the boat with this anti-voucher editorial. The paper lists local officials who are opposed to the D.C. school vouchers but, somewhat disingenuously, fails to mention that the mayor has reversed a long-held position and decided to support them. The Paper of Record also attempts to use the vouchers to take a swipe at Pres. Bush and the NCLB Act.

    This proposal sends the wrong message by funneling public money to private schools at a time when public schools are broke. It also brings attention to the fact that the Bush administration has failed to finance fully its vaunted public school initiative, No Child Left Behind, which was supposed to remake public education but is rapidly becoming just so much window dressing.

    I disagree. Vouchers in D.C. are complementary to NCLB, which was designed to allow kids to transfer out of bad schools. If the whole District stinks, though, where are they supposed to go? Private schools, perhaps?

    The Times did get one thing right, though. The D.C. g-schools certainly are “broke”, er, broken.

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