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    According to a new study, DE’s g-schools are the most “diverse” in the country. Take that PA! This diversity complicates compliance with NCLB. The more sub-groups a school district has, the more chances for one of the groups to miss the target. The way the law is written, it’s all or nothing. If a school misses one target, it’s still a “failing” school. Even some supporters of NCLB are starting to think the ratings system needs to be revised.

    “When you have a state that has a good education system and all the schools fail, you don’t have a universal failure of schools, you have a failure of the assessment,” Orfield said.

    …”To look at it, you would think they are just punishing the schools that have a lot of racial minorities, special-education and low-income children who don’t speak English very well,” [parent Joyce] Allen said. “It’s just flawed. It’s a flawed system.”

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    September 14th, 2003
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    The mother of a child with Down’s syndrome wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper about the absurdity of an elementary school “failing” because the mentally retarded kids are not proficient in English and math.

    “We have had her in school since she was 6 weeks old. She has had physical, occupational and speech therapy ever since. But you know what? She is still behind. How can schools do what even the Lord cannot or will not undo?”

    This mother was also distressed that her child had to try to take a test that she had no chance of passing, and thereby be made to feel a failure. That is so cruel.