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    This part of the law needs fixin’. In San Antonio, 89 percent of the schools that were labeled “failing,” failed solely because of low participation by one or more of the many sub-groups defined in NCLB. The law mandates that 95 percent of students must be tested. One school district “failed” because four kids missed a single test.

    To imagine an extreme example- Say a school district of approximately 1000 students is slightly less than 2 percent Hispanic. If one of these kids is out sick on test day, the entire school district “fails” under NCLB, regardless of the scores on the test. How does that represent reality?

    I understand the rationale for mandating a high participation rate; you don’t want schools gaming the system by only testing their stars. But, this is just crazy and, in my mind, weakens respect for the law and the needed reforms that it mandates.

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