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    In Utah, g-schools are forced under a new state law to allow people to bring guns into the buildings. The new law prohibits “public places” (including schools) from excluding concealed-carry permit holders. Without a permit, it’s a Class-B misdemeanor to bring a gun into a school.

    Kids get expelled for having butter knives in their cars but it’s ok to pack a pistol? Good thinking, Utahns!

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    September 17th, 2003
    at 9:44 pm

    Well on a interesting note …superintendents like Dennison in IL might think twice about having parents show up & report to him if he were a big shot in UTAH.

    I think he’d see it differently if it were parents packing & not the police. Maybe he’d understand what the kids Hiding under the bed felt like.

    On a side note:

    I had an off duty out of uniform city cop come to the house w/ a warrant looking for somebody on the same named street but next town zip code over. When I told him that there was a clerical error in his paperwork & he had the wrong address he got snotty & just happened to let me see his concealed weapon & called me a liar. I demanded his ID as a cop & he said he didn’t have to show it to me he was off duty & serving warrants was his extra job for xmas $. how’s that grab ya?

    I called the county cops on him made a huge stink about him being a big shot out of uniform w/ a gun & I have kids in my house what if they answered the door.

    I had to laugh a bit when the county cops showed up & grilled him as to who he was. He was then on the other end of force & was none to happy about it. & in deed there was a mistake in his paperwork….. I know of the address he was looking for that’s were rountinely my furniture deliveries & repair men have ended up….

    Lucky me I get the police & the other dude get’s my Maytag repairman. our street has 700’s addresses & that one has 100’s but people get them confused all the time.

    I’m now extremely careful about answering the door anymore…