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    The News-Journal has a Lockman column on NCLB. Overall, he’s relatively uninformed about the law.

    No Child Left Behind is wracked with a ratings system so complex that it will take a new layer of school and government bureaucracy just to keep track of it.

    Actually, the ratings system is simple- perhaps, too simple. Schools and school districts either pass or fail. There is no grey.

    And it does give parents with children in underperforming schools at least a theoretical option of choosing publicly subsidized alternative education that is beyond the control of traditional public schools.

    Wrong again. NCLB gives kids the chance of tranferring to another public school in the same district. That’s it. Not charters. Not private schools.

    There is no defensible reason for a school that does well in the big categories to miss on the smaller ones. That is the fundamental mission of No Child Left Behind. Missed ratings, even in small categories, are intended to be serious wake-up calls.

    As I mentionered here, the NCLB’s “participation” requirements are very stringent and can easily cause an entire school district to be labeled “failing.”

    Wilmingtonians deserve better from their resident Pulitzer-winner.

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