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    TX legislators took a couple steps in the right direction this year. Two new laws should help parents fight back against the drug-pushing edu-crats.

    One law bans school employees from recommending a psychotropic, or mind-altering, drug or suggesting a diagnosis. A school medical official such as a nurse still can make a referral to a health care provider.

    The other law prevents parents from being reported to state officials as neglectful solely because they refuse to place a child on psychiatric drugs, or refuse psychiatric or psychological treatment or testing.

    “It basically says to school employees that you need to back off from diagnosing and suggesting drugs to children, and putting parents in awkward situations and pressuring them and threatening them,” said John Breeding, director of Texans for Safe Education.

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    September 22nd, 2003
    at 2:11 am

    They listened to parents about giving the kids drugs? I’m shocked.

    Maybe now they’ll consider listening to parents who object to having their children violently assaulted by school administrators.