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    The Charlotte Observer asked a bunch of teens what should be done to reduce overcrowding in schools. I like this answer:

    Kimberly Flanagan, 15, Shepherd’s Way home school, Charlotte: I think a great idea would be for people to home-school. Think about it: How often do home-schoolers complain that they are stuck in a mobile classroom? Also there are fewer guns and drugs, and higher grade scores from home-schooled teens. Taxes would be lower if more people home-schooled since each parent would be in charge of paying for their children’s books and schooling.

    I’m not sure about the gun issue. Liberty-loving homeschoolers may be more likely to have guns in the home. But I like her stance on the tax issue. Maybe she should run for the school board.

    OTOH, this kid definitely doesn’t get my vote.

    Sam Yelton, 16, Providence High, Charlotte: There are no easy solutions to the problem of overcrowding in public schools. The current school populations are dramatically unbalanced. At some schools, it is a struggle just to get to class through the mass of students. In others, the hallways are empty. The only way to solve this problem is to build more schools. Low class sizes make sure every student can receive individual attention from the teacher. Although it would increase tax rates, this is the only way to make sure every student gets the quality education they need to be a success.

    Way too statist- and illogical to boot.

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