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    I’m currently reading Grisham’s The Runaway Jury (Now a Major Motion Picture (are there ever minor motion pictures?)). It’s a quick read- all about a fictional tobacco trial. Something one of the defense witnesses said caught my eye:

    By the time a child is three, the child can hum, whistle, or sing whatever the current McDonald’s jingle happens to be. The child’s first trip to McDonald’s is a momentous occasion. This is no accident. The corporation spends billions to hook children before its competitors do. American children consume more fat and cholesterol than the last generation. They eat more cheeseburgers, fries, and pizza, and drink more sodas and sugared fruit drinks. Do we charge McDonald’s and Pizza Hut with devious advertising practices for targeting the young? Do we sue them because our kids are getting fatter?

    Grisham wrote this in 1996. Was he prescient or were the lawyers planning the stupid obesity lawsuits way back then?

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