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    A twofer in this Gannett article. It is primarily about teens use of the internet and technology, but it spends a fair percentage profiling a homeschooling grad.

    For 18-year-old Heather Lawver, the Internet has been a way to stretch her creative wings, allowing her to make hundreds of friends around the world in the process.

    The Sterling, Va., woman went online seven years ago. Since then, she’s posted photography, artwork and even the beginnings of a novel, “(In)sane,” on her personal Web site (www.dprophet.com/ meggers).

    The Internet “gives me a forum to publish it. It gives me feedback and I can feel more confident in my ability” to write, Lawver says.

    It also has given her a sphere of influence greater than most young people ever dreamed of prior to the Internet age.

    In 2000, she launched The Daily Prophet (www.dprophet.com), an award-winning Harry Potter site.

    When Warner Bros. sent cease-and-desist letters to creators of other Harry Potter sites that it accused of copyright infringement in 2000, Lawver co-founded Defense Against the Dark Arts, an online effort that organized a worldwide boycott of Potter merchandise.

    The subsequent publicity brought the media company’s threatening letters to a halt.

    The product of home schooling, Lawver is quick to point out that her use of the Internet has put her in touch with about 250 people on a regular basis, all of different ages and ethnicities, all over the world.

    “I’ve learned so much more than I ever could have if I’d been stuck in a classroom,” she said.

    Factoid-of-the-day: According to the article, 14 percent of teens are bloggers.

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