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    Original DHEA Yankee TraciE discovered this throwaway line at the bottom of a local story about a 15-year-old who shot and killed himself:

    The victim lived with his parents and a 21-year-old brother. He had been home-schooled for several years by his mother, according to police.

    The parents might have been just a bit wacko:

    Police found several guns owned by William Lindewirth, 56, in the boy’s room, including a Sten submachine gun. Both parents allowed the teenager to store the guns and ammunition in his bedroom, according to court records.

    Both parents are charged with several crimes including “giving a firearm to a person prohibited and unlawfully permitting a minor access to a firearm. ” I’m going to have to research the gun laws in DE as I was thinking it was time for Anthony to learn to shoot. I got my first gun (a .22 semi-auto which would now be classified as an illegal assault weapon) when I was 14 or so. Anthony just turned 12.

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    October 25th, 2003
    at 4:10 pm

    This is slightly reminiscent of the Kip Kinkel story to me. Kip was fascinated by guns, and his parents (encouraged by his stupid psychologist) let him have one to try to demystify guns to him. Kip was very disturbed, to the point that his parents were afraid of him toward the end, but they loved him deeply and were desperate to do anything they could to help him.

    This story that you link to is very short on details, but I could see a situation in which a teenager is very unstable and his parents are homeschooling to try to help him; the guns in the room might have been for the same misguided motive that Kip was allowed guns. At least this poor kid didn’t take parents, teachers, and schoolmates with him. It’s a very sad story.

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    September 16th, 2004
    at 3:19 pm

    The story that this website links to is not entirely accurate. I myself would be the, then 21 yr old brother of the 15 yr old in the news report. My mother was not the person to find my brother, I was. This is only the beginning of the miss information. The media slants things to ensure the story is as horrid and disgusting as possible. I thank anyone who has read this and felt sympathy. I myself was also homeschooled, and this tradgedy should not be used to represent any homeschooled child, including my brother. My parents a good honest, and deeply loving parents. Unfortunately the facts and the truth behind the story is not good enough for the media and the police.

    William L.