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    Faithful reader Andrea sent me a link to this over-the-top zero tolerance story. I just hope the judge has a bit more sense than the educrats.

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    October 27th, 2003
    at 11:13 am

    This line from the end of the story is just classic…
    “Deer Park officials tell Eyewitness News the school has one to five cheese thefts per week…”

    Must be one heck of a great school though. They’ve solved the teen pregnancy problem, everybody has great grades, so all they have left to do is solve the cheese crisis and they will have found utopia.

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    Nick Blesch
    October 27th, 2003
    at 12:41 pm

    They’re spending (a bare minimum of) $396 to argue over a quarter…

    This reminds me of electric bills my sister (who lives on an army base) gets. They’re usually under a dime – so the power company spends $0.37 to send her a bill for $0.06… There’s intelligence.

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    October 27th, 2003
    at 12:43 pm

    I am getting a lot of criticism for posting this story at a forum I frequent. It isn’t a homeschool or even an education forum — just general chit-chat. The feeling over there is that this kid stole and must pay the price. Scary.

    I honestly don’t think the kid knew he was stealing. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that a little bitty container of cheese was a condiment and free with purchase. In any case he should have been given the benefit of the doubt and allowed to pay for the cheese.

    I’m going to tell my daughter to beware of the little paper cups and ketchup dispensers at McDonalds. You never know when you might be arrested for stealing condiments in this world. After all, there is no sign saying, “This ketchup is free with purchase.”

    Humorous that on the one hand we have people insisting that all children should recieve a free breakfast at school and on the other hand we have children arrested for stealing 25 cents worth of cheese.

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    October 28th, 2003
    at 12:48 pm

    Houston AGAIN?

    To the blazes with this place. I’m moving to New Hampshire.