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    A WA parent is completely frustrated with the g-school textbook.

    How can any of you – Saul Bob Hughes, Nancy Bernard, Eglinglton Pendergrass sit there and say with a straight face that you think this stands for excellence in education??? Why in the world would anybody deliberately design mathematics that omits the most basic skills and concepts??? Parents in Plano Texas are up in arms over this (Just Google Plano, Math and Connected Mathematics) and suing the district.

    And, he’s running for a spot on the School Board. I hope he wins (just for the entertainment value). Read the whole rant here.

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    November 11th, 2003
    at 6:15 pm

    We’ve got a guy running for school board who says it’s time to go back to neighborhood schools and quit bussing kids all over the city for desegregation.

    Bussing for desegregation in this city ended over a decade ago. Any kids who are bussed, are bussed to their neighborhood schools, because they are too far away to be expected to walk. All the transfer kids are on their own for transportation.

    Is it asking too much for school board candidates to inform themselves of basic facts before they start blathering?