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    The sequel to yesterday’s local news report on homeschooling didn’t even live up to the minimal standard set by Part I. As promised, it’s all about the “S” word. I learned something in this report. Homeschooling is apparently a disease that can be “cured” by exposing our kids to other kids their own age every day. Bah! Thankfully, there is no Part III.

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    November 11th, 2003
    at 11:03 pm


    Since I live in Knoxville, I was quite interested to see this story. I first heard about it while in the car yesterday when an ad played on the radio. The reporter’s tone of voice when mentioning the words “home-school” and “socilaizing” in the same sentence was revealing. It was apparent from the outset that the reporter was biased against home schooling. The shock and dismay in her voice when she revealed that the parents actually choose the curriculum was almost funny to hear. I had to work tonight at the library and was unable to see the second part of the story, but I have no doubt that it was just more of the same.

    I don’t have any kids but have met many kids who are home schooled. I met these kids when I danced/taught dance at local dance companies/studios. Every single one of them were polite, obviously well educated, and perfectly able to socialize with people around them. Due to all of problems in the public schools (even the good ones) I am seriously considering the home school option when I do have kids.

    I’ll just say that the station that “reported” on this issue is the lowest rated, least professional one in town.