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    I guarantee you that D.R. will trumpet this headline in Monday’s column:

    Minneapolis public schools edge out charter schools, report finds

    Based on the statistics quoted, it may indeed be true that these survey results indicate a very slight advantage for the regular g-schools versus the charter g-schools (They’re all g-schools, remember). Neither did particularly well, though. Only 54% and 50% of students “passed”, respectively. Still it is interesting that the charters didn’t fare better.

    I think the local charter proponents know that this study makes them look relatively bad.

    Charter school advocates stress that test scores are not the way to judge their success. They point to high parent satisfaction and other measures such as the fact that several charter schools have waiting lists.

    This is just a bit disingenuous and is the same argument that the regular g-schools have been using for years. Time to fish or just cut bait.

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